AAVE vs UE / AAVE corpus

Kristen Precht kprecht at KENT.EDU
Fri Dec 8 16:54:12 UTC 2000

Collegues --

I have recently heard AAVE called Urban English -- is anyone else familiar
with this new title?  Has it made it into any publications that you've seen?

Also -- I am in the process of making inquiries into collecting a corpus of
AAVE.  Such a project would involve collecting spoken texts (those in
existence or otherwise), and preparing them for the types of research
projects that they might be used for.  I am currently looking for potential
advisors and collaborators on the project.  This corpus might be used to
examine grammatical or lexical phenomena across a large database of language
that is tagged for context, speaker background features, and other features
of interest to those involved in the project.  I believe such a resource
would be a valuable contribution to the field; I have been involved in
corpus analyses of non-native speakers, British speakers, American speakers,
and it seems an incredible pity that more corpora of AAVE are not currently


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