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Grant Barrett gbarrett at MONICKELS.COM
Sun Dec 10 20:38:38 UTC 2000

On dimanche 10 décembre 2000 19:30, Drew Danielson <drew.danielson at CMU.EDU> wrote:

>The word "bitch" here does not necessarily indicate a female referent;
>although the phrase seems like it most likely has roots in
>"pimp/bitch-slap", the word "bitch" itself has a different meaning than
>in the original context.  As far as I can figure out, "bitch" in this
>context means someone who is acting foolishly, "makes an ass" of
>themselves, acting cowardly, or acting in a way that could bring
>undesired consequenses to another person (usually the referer).
>Approximate synonyms could be "wuss", "ass" or "jerk".
>I agree that "bitch" can also refer simply to subservience, but I think
>in the phrase "bitch-slap" there's a more derogatory meaning.  So when
>Judge Clark "bitch-slapped" the lawyer, she did so figuratively for his
>acting like a "bitch", or for in some way acting out of line.

I think if you look in the ADS-L archives you'll find many discussions of punk and
bitch, related to prison usage. If bitch in bitch-slap does not mean "woman" then I
would suggest that it means "punk" or "prison bitch."

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