To ___ slap

Drew Danielson drew.danielson at CMU.EDU
Sun Dec 10 21:50:49 UTC 2000

Grant Barrett wrote:
> >Drew Danielson wrote:
> >in the original context.  As far as I can figure out, "bitch" in this
> >context means someone who is acting foolishly, "makes an ass" of
> >themselves, acting cowardly, or acting in a way that could bring
> >undesired consequenses to another person (usually the referer).
> >Approximate synonyms could be "wuss", "ass" or "jerk".
> >
> I think if you look in the ADS-L archives you'll find many discussions of punk and
> bitch, related to prison usage. If bitch in bitch-slap does not mean "woman" then I
> would suggest that it means "punk" or "prison bitch."

To my understanding, "punk" and "bitch" infer homosexuality in prison
usage (and the ADS-L archives back me up with "punk" at least - using
the search engine I wasn't able to find "prison bitch" as a discrete
term).  If someone calls the person who cut in front of them in queue a
"bitch", or calls someone who is pestering them a "bitch" (I've heard
these), that doesn't seem to jibe with the prison usage.  But "bitch" as
"coward" sounds like a close match with the prison use.

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