supper or dinner, what do you call that meal?

Sonja L. Lanehart lanehart at ARCHES.UGA.EDU
Mon Dec 11 19:16:00 UTC 2000

My husband and I have had this discussion before. He is from
Minnesota where apparently dinner is what you do at noon and supper
is what you do at night. I come from Texas and lunch is what you do
at noon and dinner is what you do at night. Now that we have a child,
somehow I thought it better that we be on the same page so I use
supper now as well for what you do at night though I still use lunch
for what you do at noon since that's what they call it the schools
he's attended here in Georgia and California.  --SL

>Hello, I have a small problem.  A couple weeks I went to visit my
>grandmother.  She asked that I come by for dinner.  So, on that day, just
>before 6 PM I stopped by.  However, she had already eaten. In fact, she ate
>dinner for lunch.  How can this be?  She gave me quite a verbal lashing,
>stating that dinner is eaten at night while lunch is eaten at noon.  She
>told me to stop "smart mouthing" and come in and eat leftovers.
>As the expert you would know this distinction,  what's the difference
>between supper, dinner and lunch?
>thanks for any help you can provide

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