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Respected Sir/Madam:

We are working on a project called “The American Slang”. We need to collect the definition of slang, nature and origin of American Slang , Words or Phrases or Sentences used as slang and general rules for th usage of slang . Give their meaning and their correct usage along with some twenty examples. I could get some information about “what is slang?”. But regarding history, nature, origin, rules to use slang and things like that, I could hardly collect any data. If you can help me in this regard, it would be very generous. May be if you have some data regarding this, you can send it to me through e-mail. You can also send me the name of websites from where I can collect the information relating to “American Slang”.

 Thank You for your help in advance.
Prem Kumar. <mailto: mgpremkumar at yahoo.com >

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