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Mon Dec 18 05:47:02 UTC 2000

The other day a friend coined what we think is a new use for "boomerang",
as in "I'm having a boomerang."

She was looking for a substitute for the odious "senior moment" and the
often inappropriate "brain fart".  Her inspiration was: "Wait, it will come
back to me," plus the fact that baby boomers are finding themselves
increasingly subject to such episodes.

As a bonus, she notes that we can call concern over the increasing
frequency of these episodes "boomerangst."

If this coinage is indeed original, credit goes to Barbara Meier of Falcon
Heights MN.  If it isn't, I'm sure we'll be hearing about it.

[It's not in the ADS-L archives, nor in any of my slang dictionaries.  At
        boomerang NEAR (senior moment)  --  0 hits
        boomerang NEAR (brain fart)  --  1 unique hit, Paul McFedries' Word Spy
archives, containing these as unrelated entries
        boomerang NEAR (baby boomer) -- 8 hits, either names of pets or Boomerang
as the name of a quilting bee for baby boomers
        boomerang NEAR (memory OR remember OR forget) -- numerous hits, but none
of the ones I had time and patience to check contained this usage.]

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