a problem like Maria (was: William Safire)

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Mon Dec 18 07:19:32 UTC 2000

>At 05:28 PM 12/17/00 +0800, you wrote:
>>At 6:49 PM -0600 12/16/00, Gerald Cohen wrote:
>>>...  As for the specific mistakes that may appear in Safire's column,
>>>the corrections can always be printed in my _Comments on Etymology_
>>>(a series of working papers) and then formally in articles compiled
>>>into books. I believe there's a proverb that goes something like: If
>>>one door closes, open another.
>>>And if the proverb doesn't exist, it should.
>>I remember it (from "The Sound of Music" and other authoritative
>>sources) as something along the lines of "Whenever God (or probably
>>something more like "the Good Lord") closes a door, He opens a
>C'mon, Larry, admit that you watched "The Sound of Music" (for the
>umpteenth time) again last night!  Indeed, the phrase was spoken twice in
>the movie (yes, I watched it too--sniff, sniff).
No, I think I've already put in my lifetime allotment when the kids
were younger, enough that I've memorized most of it.  I also saw a
theatrical performance of S/M earlier this year at the Westchester
Broadway Theatre (with the "close door/open window" line retained)
with various relatives of all ages.  So I could boycott last night's
network showing with clear conscience and tearducts.


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