Beechworth Bakery ("Australia's Greatest Bakery")

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Beechworth Bakery
27 Camp Street Beechworth
3747 Victoria Australia
enquiries at

   Australia's Greatest Bakery?
   Perhaps.  But it's pretty darn good.
   Some stuff:

BISCUITS:  Anzacs, Chocolate Chip, Corn Flake Crisp, Jam Drops, Yo-Yo's,
Ginger Crunch
WASP NEST--scone with cheese, ham, tomato, with a curry flavor
MEXICAN PIE--steak, chilli sauce, capsicum, kidney beans
NED KELLY PIES--"Our unique 100% steak pie, topped with a farm fresh egg,
bacon, and tasty cheese."
BUSHRANGER--roast beef, fruit chutney, asparagus, onion, tasty cheese.
NEENISH TART--a black & white tart, except the white is pink.
SPPEDWAY'S--circular things with race car designs on them.
ZOOMERS--cream puffs?
FROG IN POND--a donut with a chocolate frog in it.
MURRAY MUD CAKE & CREAM--I was told it's a Mississippi Mud Cake, but they
liked the name of the Murray River here.
SNICKERDOODLES--I was told this is baked custard in a pastry shell.  I told
them that these aren't snickerdoodles!  "We like the name," I was told.


ESKIE--After Eskimo.  New Zealand's call it a "chilly bin."  It's in our bus
to keep drinks cold.

FUN CITY--Today's New York Times, in former Mayor John Lindsay's obituary,
it's said that he "promoted New York as Fun City."  This is not correct.  On
his first day in office, after seeing a crippling transit strike, he said, "I
still think it's a fun city."  Others (Dick Schaap) picked it up and used the
term derisively, and he began DENYING that he said it.  He did promote
Lincoln Center and other "fun" attractions, but "promoted New York as Fun
City" is not correct.  Then again, this is the New York Times--the paper has
no clue.
(See "Fun City" in old ADS-L archives.)

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