"Yahooty" - Origin and definition (revival)

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<< This was a thing with Jerry Colonna on the Bob Hope radio program of the
early 1940's. It was a running gag on the show, and got to be a catch-
word all over the country. In the little Bob Hope autobiography "They Got
Me Covered" of 1941, there's a picture on Page 59 of Bob with Jerry
Colonna; Colonna is shown with his eyes crossed and mouth wide open,
singing from a piece of sheet music entitled "Who's Yehoodi?" (I believe
he actually did make a record of such a song.)  >>

Yes, I remember the recording for some reason--some of the words were:

Who's Yehoodi?
Please tell me ho's Yehoodi?
The little man who wasn't there
Said he heard it on the air--
No one seems to know from where,
So who's Yehoodi?

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