"Yahooty" - Origin and definition (revival)

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Wed Dec 27 16:52:39 UTC 2000

Ron writes:

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<< This was a thing with Jerry Colonna on the Bob Hope radio program of the
early 1940's. It was a running gag on the show, and got to be a catch-
word all over the country. In the little Bob Hope autobiography "They Got
Me Covered" of 1941, there's a picture on Page 59 of Bob with Jerry
Colonna; Colonna is shown with his eyes crossed and mouth wide open,
singing from a piece of sheet music entitled "Who's Yehoodi?" (I believe
he actually did make a record of such a song.)  >>

Yes, I remember the recording for some reason--some of the words were:

Who's Yehoodi?
Please tell me ho's Yehoodi?
The little man who wasn't there
Said he heard it on the air--
No one seems to know from where,
So who's Yehoodi?

O tempora, o memoria! I was going to add in to this discussion, so I went
off and did some research... and discovered that I'd already written here,
a year and a half ago, what I was about to write! It was about an sf story
involving "the little man who wasn't there", whom someone in the story
called "Yehudi". And it's in the ADS archives, search "Yehudi".

-- Mark A. Mandel

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