Slip Slop Slap

Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Sun Dec 24 02:13:25 UTC 2000

SLIP SLOP SLAP--message at Bondi Beach to put on sunscreen.

MILK BAR--seen all over.  Used for Delicatessen or Convenience Store.

CAROCCINO--caro coffee and milk.

FRIAND--seen in one bakery, with orange poppyseed and chocolate caramel
available.  I was told the name is French.

FURNITURE & GIFTWARE--sign of a shop.  Giftware?

FOCCACIA--Sandwiches with this bread are called this.  One bakery had these:
AUSSIE--ham, pineapple, tomato, gouda cheese, onion
NUGGETT--chicken, avocado, capsicum, gouda cheese, mayonnaise
BUSHRANGER--roast beef, chutney, asparagus, gouda cheese, onion
SICILIAN--salami, sundried tomato, capsicum, gouda cheese, onion

TUOs--Totally Useless Objects.  In THE SUNDAY AGE,24 December 2000, pg. 10,
col. 7.

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