Mark A. Mandel Mark_Mandel at DRAGONSYS.COM
Wed Dec 27 16:25:51 UTC 2000

Summary: What's the distribution of semantic restrictions on "nookie"?

A woman on the lois-bujold discussion list posted the following paragraph
about characters in one of this author's books:

... Martya's comments in ACC about Kou just barely coping mentally with his
oldest daughter's old-fashioned, as far as he knows, engagement before
blowing up at the news of his youngest experiencing actual nookie.

I replied with interest at this use of a word which in my experience (male,
52, grew up NYC area) had only been used for sex from the male point of
view, by men or women. (As a possible example of use by a woman I offered
something like "Ah, you know him, all he cares about is nookie.")

Another female listmember wrote:

Denene Williams uses it in The Sistah's Rules, which I somehow ended up
last week. She is definitely writing for other women.

It is not much used in my social circle, that I have heard, by men OR

Mind you, we're not the most inhibited bunch. Usually we settle for "having

Or worse. :-)

And another woman replied:

Actually, I've seen/heard/used "nookie" to mean almost any form of sexual
activity-- from light necking to going all the way-- for either sex.
Just what degree of sexual activity is involved is deduced from the
context. (Or, it can be nicely non-specific if the intent is to speak to a
broad range of possibilities.)

So I'm wondering if this difference is generational, geographic, or what? I
haven't asked these informants for their characteristics in those respects,
though I see that one has a Ph.D. and another uses a Canadian ISP. I'm
bcc-ing them on this note.

-- Mark A. Mandel

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