Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Wed Dec 27 18:37:36 UTC 2000

Three origin-candidates (none invented by me):

(1) from "nook" (referring to the vagina)
(2) from the old verb "nug" = (a) "copulate" or (b) "fondle" (see Farmer
and Henley)
(3) from Dutch "neuken" = "f*ck"

[My Dutch friends find it humorous when someone speaks of "nuking" food in
the microwave oven.]

There is also French "noc" = "vagina" (an anagram, apparently used by

In my experience "nooky" usually approx. = "sex" -- a mild and ambiguous
word, sometimes used for sexual activities other than coitus -- including
necking, petting, groping, grubbling, and nugging (b) .... The books also
show "nooky" = "vagina" (I haven't heard this one) and = "woman"/"women"
(I've heard it rarely).

-- Doug Wilson

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