Milkshake, Thickshake, no Malted

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Sat Dec 30 11:08:52 UTC 2000


   The restaurants in Australia serve a "milkshake" (one word).  For a little
more money, you can get a "thickshake" (one word).  No one offers a "malted."
   I'll have to check the first two terms on Nexis.


MAR-TEA-NI--From the menu of the Coffee Bean at the Pier in Cairns:
Mar-Tea-Ni (Shaken, not stirred)--Inspired by the famous "Bubble Teas" of
Taiwain: a mix of tea, juice, frappe mix and ice.  Blackcurrant, Paradise, or

LATTE LIFESTYLE--"The Oakford group is promoting its latest property--just
behind Melbourne's Lygon Street--as providing 'that latte lifestyle.'"
WEEKEND AUSTRALIAN, Dec. 30-31, 2000, REVIEW section, pg. 19, col. 2.

BIG PHARMA--Follows Big Steel, Big Oil, Big Three Automakers, etc.  Used
twice in an HIV story in WEEKEND AUSTRALIAN, Dec. 30-31, 2000, pg. 12, col. 5.

ECONOMIC ARTHRITIS--Part of a photo caption and headline of a story that also
includes the following disease.  "For decades, market economies have scarcely
had a good word to say about Europe's economies, with the derogatory term
'Eurosclerosis' coined in the 1980s to desribe the continent's plethora of
regulations."  WEEKEND AUSTRALIAN, Dec. 30-31, 2000, pg. 23, col. 3.
(The NASDAQ loses 50% of its body weight and that's arthritis?--ed.)

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