Hawaiian or Tropical Pizza?

Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Sun Dec 31 04:07:08 UTC 2000

   Greetings from Kuranda.  I have just a few more hours for my "Hurry!  The
millennium's coming!" joke.
   Yesterday I did the snorkel thing on the Great Barrier Reef.  Tonight is
fireworks, tomorrow's gonna be dead, and I fly out on January 2nd.  I have 3
1/2 hours between flights--think I can squeeze the Sydney library in that
brief time?

HAWAIIAN/TROPICAL PIZZA--What everyone else has as Hawaiian Pizza--pizza with
pineapple and ham--the Australians call Tropical or Tropicale Pizza.

GIFTWARE--My DESTINATION CAIRNS guide, pg. 20, has the Mud Markets, the Night
Markets, and Done Art & Design under "SHOPPING...GIFTWARE."

BUGS--From DESTINATION CAIRNS, pg. 26:  "BUGS  Not one of the insect variety,
these delicious crustaceans are also known as slipper lobsters and their
delicate meat makes them a delight to eat."  I'll still pass.

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