Banned Words

A. Vine avine at ENG.SUN.COM
Tue Jan 11 19:40:24 UTC 2000

Wait, wait!  You need to add "paradigm" to the list!!!  I was sitting in a very
boring all-hands (all-thumbs?) meeting with some marketing person presenting
some sort of ideological, ethereal viewpoint on the product line to the
engineering staff (bad idea).  I turned to my coworker and said "If she says
'paradigm' one more time, I'm leaving."  2 seconds later she said it for the 3rd
(4th?) time in a 10 minute presentation.  Unfortunately I really couldn't leave,
but I did tune her out completely.  The word was meaningless, she could have
substituted "foobar"* and there would have been no difference.

* Please note that although the military community has the acronym "fubar", the
computing community uses "foobar".  Don't ask me why.

Andrea Vine, avine at
Necessity is the mother of strange bedfellows.
-- Dr. Dave Farber (father of SNOBOL and one of the creators of Token Ring)

Grant Barrett wrote:
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> Following is the entirety of the 2000 Banished Words List

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