John Doxat & "mocktail"

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    From John Doxat's THE WORLD OF DRINKS AND DRINKING (1971), pg. 158, col.

    To cover some non-alcoholic drinks I invented the word "Mocktail" and
hearing this, Pamela Vandyke Price, the charming, erudite and catholic-minded
editor of the beautiful _Wine & Food_ magazine (a publication unfortunately
killed by economic pressures of publishing and now incorporated in _House &
Garden_), commissioned me to write a feature for her on the subject.  It is
from that article I cull three of the four following recipes, which are
simply basic ideas on which to work.
(The citation is not given.  I'll check _Wine & Food_ in the NYPL later in
the week.  The mocktails described are Pussyfoot, Slim Jim, Tea Punch, and
Cardinal Punch--ed.)

    From John Doxat's THE BOOK OF DRINKING (1973), pg. 120:

    To cocktails made without alcohol, years ago I gave the name mocktails.
(Pussyfoot, Limey, Yellow Dwarf, Slim Jim, Tomato mocktail, Apple Tankard,
White Angel punch, and Nicholas recipes are given--ed.)

    _Wine & Food_ is a publication from London.  John Doxat is a British
author.  Will the "mocktail" entry still stand in Lighter's book of AMERICAN

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