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From: David Bergdahl <bergdahl at OAK.CATS.OHIOU.EDU>

Repeating things 3 x has more to do with Christianity than with anything
else: three has a magical function in the West. Cf. the Biblical 40 [=

From: James Smith <jsmithjamessmith at YAHOO.COM>

I don't know the original source so I don't know if
this is based on valid research or is just hearsay,
but I've been taught that someone with a genius IQ
needs to hear something 7 times for it to sink in,
and, not unexpectedly, the number of needed
repetitions increases as IQ decreases.


When I was in college, one of my Cultural Anthropology professors believed
in the concept of “three’s” as an instruction technique. His policy was that
first he lectured on a particular subject, then we read selected texts about
the subject of his lecture, then we took an open note test on the subjects
every Friday. There were study questions at the end of each chapter of
reading and the test questions would be selected from these. This forced us
to basically go over the material three times: through the lecture, through
the reading and then through taking thorough notes. I’m sure there are a lot
of arguments against this method and it obviously might not work for all
subject matter. But I learned in and retained more from his course than in
just about  any other one I can recall now. That was, of course, before I
got kicked out for night-putting with the dean’s daughter. :o)

Have a great one.

-Mitch Cumstein
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