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Thu Jan 27 02:23:32 UTC 2000

   I was just sort of driving through Mexico on the web when I stopped at "inSANe DIEGO."  It is not in the RHHDAS.

1-21-1987, DALLAS MORNING NEWS, pg. 22A--Bumper sticker on a car in Grand Prairie: "I'd Rather Be Insane Diego."

8-7-1988, LOS ANGELES TIMES, home, pg. 1--I'd rather be Insane DIego.  Bumper sticker message.

6-6-1996, SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE, Night & Day, pg. 4--Balboa Park...Insane Diego Hoedown (Aug. 21).

   The San Diego Union-Tribune is on Dow Jones from the 1980s, so it's very surprising there aren't more citations. had "inSANe DIEGO" from 1998 and 1999.

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