Bad Hair Day --> Bad Beard Day

David Dowty dowty at FANG.LING.OHIO-STATE.EDU
Thu Jan 27 03:03:43 UTC 2000

After "bad hair day", "bad beard day" was an analogy just waiting to
happen, of course --- at least in the bear community (that's "bear" as
in "bearded gay male", not the other kind).  Cartoonist Fran Frish
even imortalized it in a drawing.  Not sure of the original date, but
a T-shirt imprinted with Frish's "bad beard day" sketch was available
for sale around 1994-95.  It depicts a bear (this time the other kind)
with a luxuriant and flowing but unruly beard, beset with various
foreign objects, including a couple of birds attempting to build a
nest, a stray chicken bone, etc.  Jane Pauley never had a problem like
this!  For anyone interested, I scanned the drawing and put it at

Anyone know of other spinoffs of "bad hair day"?

David Dowty

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