Romanian food

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   Greeting from Tulcea.
   "Re-Live"--a term used by Euro Sport for the broadcasts.
   This is from ROMANIAN GASTRONOMY (tourist publication?):

Pg. 3:
"sarmale" (meat rolls in cabbage leaves)
"cozonac" (Christmas cake)
"pasca" (sweet cream cheese cake eaten at Easter)
"coliva" (boiled wheat with honey and nuts distrubted at the funerals in memory of the deceased)
"mititei" (highly seasoned forcemeat balls broiled on the grill)
"mamaliga" (a king of Italian polenta)
"burduf" cheese (a typical Romanian piquant fermented ewe's milk cheese)
"cascaval" (Romanian pressed cheese or gruyere, among which is a smoked cheese)

Pg. 4:  Moldvavian Greaves...Dried Beans and Mushroom "Borsch"

Pg. 6:
"cas" (sweet cheese)

Pg. 7:
"Touslama" Tripe Romanian style

Pg. 8:
"ciulama" (mushrooms or meat cooked in white sauce)
"sarailie" ( a kind of cake with walnuts and almonds dipped in syrup)

Pg. 9:
.famous sausages known as "patricieni"...

Pg. 10:
"tokitoura" (greaves)
"test" (a kind of lid used in baking bread on a hearth)

Pg. 11:
Oltenian Sausages

Pg. 13:
"langosh" (Hungarian fritters served with garlic sauce)
"papanasi" (the cottage cheese dumplings or fritters)

Pg. 14:
"horinca"--a plum or other fruit liquor

Pg. 15:
"pogatch" made of dough and greaves.

That's enough!

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