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Paul Frank paulfrank at WANADOO.FR
Mon Oct 2 11:31:21 UTC 2000

I had NPR on in the background earlier today and my ears perked up when I
heard a Native American accent. I was wondering how come so many Native
Americans I hear on the radio or on TV seem to have the same accent,
although they come from different parts of North America and their native
languages range from English all over the place to Navajo in Arizona to Cree
in Eastern Canada to Choctaw in Oklahoma and Mississippi to Cherokee in the
Appalachians to Pima-Papago, to get back to Arizona. Is there a distinctive
English accent common to First Nations, American Indians or Native Americans
all over North America? Or is my mind lumping together all sorts of accents
that sound very different to people who have an ear for languages? One would
not usually expect speakers of different languages to sound the same in

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