New York (Evening) Graphic (continued)

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Thu Oct 5 15:19:56 UTC 2000

   The famous story is that the New York Public Library thought that the NEW YORK GRAPHIC was such trash, the library didn't collect it.  Bad move.
   See the book NEW YORK GRAPHIC (World's Zaniest Newspaper).  The newspaper existed from 1924-1932.  It actually was one of the biggest papers in town, but it always lost money.  Winchell bolted to the NEW YORK DAILY MIRROR before the end.
   The NYPL has huge gaps (we're talking years), and the LOC and OSU basically have the same thing.  The NYS Newspaper Project and the New York Historical Society have just about nothing at all.
   The whole thing is probably in some attic somewhere of someone who is related to Bernarr McFadden (the publisher) or Fulton Oursler (the editor in chief).  A McFadden bio states that there is _no_ McFadden archive out there, but I'd recheck stuff like the Archives database.
   I've recently gone to Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Detroit, but I didn't find Winchell's column syndicated in any of those cities' newspapers in the 1920s.
   Winchell wrote that he was syndicated quite early in Florida, but a check of the Florida newspapers in the LOC didn't find him syndicated there in the 1920.
   We've got the find the NEW YORK GRAPHIC.

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