New York (Evening) Graphic (continued)

Grant Barrett monickels at EXCITE.COM
Thu Oct 5 17:06:08 UTC 2000

>     The whole thing is probably in some attic somewhere of someone who is
related to Bernarr McFadden (the publisher) or Fulton Oursler (the editor in
chief).  A McFadden bio states that there is _no_ McFadden archive out
there, but I'd recheck stuff like the Archives database.

Well, Barry, for what it's worth, you might try the Missouri Historical
Society or whatever it's called. McFadden was born in Mill Springs, Mo., if
I remember correctly. Maybe somebody took an interest.

I've been to Mill Springs, as a matter of fact, many a time. Very pretty,
down near the St. Francis River,close to one of the many edges of Mark Twain
National Forest, right where the Ozarks start rolling down into the
Mississippi River valley.

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