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> Frank Abate:
> >There is a new best-selling book on the cut, a whole bunch of websites,
> >evidence from all over the world, and many noted and faded celebs who
> >sported the cut, aside from just folks.  It is simultaneously praised
> >(mostly tongue-in-cheek) and scorned.  But it is still popular in some
> >circles.  There are notable pop culture examples besides Billy Ray Cyrus,
> >Bowie, and Agassi, including the former teen idol John Stamos from the
> >TV series "Full House", Jose Canseco (not now), and a bunch of soccer
> >players.  It may be a bigger phenomenon in UK -- Lynne?
> I started hearing and reading the word "mullet" TONS more once I
> moved here--and hence I was looking in dictionaries for it.  I can't
> be sure whether I stepped into a longterm 'mullet'-using culture or
> whether the word picked up in popularity on both sides of the ocean
> at the same time.  The haircut seems to be associated here with the
> "laddish" culture, which is somewhat associated with lower
> socio-economic classes, but acknowledged across the class divide.
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