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years ago it was Rockville Center;  I grew up nearby, and it was always
spelled in the American fashion, even after it became a diocese of the RC
church, which has entitled many a place to upscale its name...

of course it was pronounced, as it mostly still is, as homophone of the
carminative pod 'senna' with usually not even a trace of glottalization to
mark the demise of intervocalic T in the presence of nasalization

so however they spell it, it will fail to achieve Brit status.


On Tue, 17 Oct 2000, David Bergdahl wrote:

> On Long Island there's "Rockville Centre, NY" which I suppose is meant
> to sound tonier with the -re, at least that's what we kids in Valley
> Stream thought ... [which I've been told was "Rum Junctioion" before the
> real estate guys got a hold of it]
> Laurence Horn wrote:
> > Nobody's mentioned the fact that there's a related "pretentious" or
> > upscale use of CENTRE in the U.S. (as opposed to Britain and Canada
> > where it is of course the standard spellling).  I've come across
> > various uses of this for city or shopping "centres", probably in some
> > trendy suburban setting, although I can't think of where at the
> > moment.  Can anyone?
> >
> > larry
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