e-commerce jargon in the NY Observer

Evan Morris words1 at WORD-DETECTIVE.COM
Fri Oct 20 14:08:05 UTC 2000

Interesting (facetious) look at e-commerce jargon can be found at:


".. I first became aware of this jargon-fest last year, when I called a
Web-site designer and asked which of his recently designed sites were
"doing well." This creative dude replied, using incomprehensible Web-speak,
something about "incentivizing scalable mind-share" and "envisioneering
granular synergies." I hung up and sought the help of a caring, Web-savvy
colleague. She helped me paraphrase my question for future meetings.
Apparently, in order to be understood, I should have asked, not "Are any of
your Web sites doing well?" but "Are any of your recent architectures
driving frictionless deliverables—i.e., have they maximized their
cross-platform potentialities?" The Web guy could then have comfortably
replied, "There is some portal friction on my deliverables"—as opposed to
the infinitely less comfortable non-jargon response of "Nobody’s buying
jack shit."'

Evan Morris
words1 at word-detective.com

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