Steve K. stevek at SHORE.NET
Mon Oct 23 13:44:02 UTC 2000

On Sat, 21 Oct 2000, Kim & Rima McKinzey wrote:

> There is a new production of "Waiting for Godot" here at Berkeley.
> The rave review in the SF Chronicle (Friday, 10/20/00) has:
> ..."(correctly pronounced here, by the way, as 'GOD-o'")...
> I've never heard it anything other than g at DOH, or maybe ga:DOH. (This
> excludes a local newscaster who said, when Beckett died, that he was
> famous for his play, Waiting for 'ga:d at t)

When Beckett died, one of the chicago newscasters (I totally forget which
channel, it might have been WGN-9 or Fox) referred to him as the author of
"Waiting for The Go-Dot." which made it sound like a Dr. Seuss thing.

--- Steve K.

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