Methods in Language Variation

Tim Frazer tcf at MACOMB.COM
Fri Oct 27 03:23:40 UTC 2000

Johnstone's book ought to be part of the package.  She spells out the issues
clearly, with good illustrations.  I wish this had been around when I was
starting out -- I had to figure a lot of this out for myself.

Tim Frazer

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From: Cynthia Bernstein <cbernstn at POSTOFFICE.MEMPHIS.EDU>
Sent: Thursday, October 26, 2000 12:54 PM
Subject: Methods in Language Variation

> > I'd appreciate comments from list members on a text for an introductory
> > graduate methods course I'll be teaching this spring.  I'd like to
> > involve something of both qualitative and quantitative methods.  Does
> > anyone have experience with a text that might help?  (Vaux and Coper,
> > Introduction to Linguistic Field Methods?  Johnstone, Qualitative
> > Methods in Sociolinguistics?)
> Cindy Bernstein
> University of Memphis

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