Momo (Nepal/Tibet dumplings); Sole Marguery

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Sun Apr 1 06:42:44 UTC 2001


   The VILLAGE VOICE describes a Tibetan restaurant that's opened in New York City.  The restaurant serves Nepalese/Tibetan stuffed dumplings called "momo."  There are quite a few "momo" hits on Google.  "Tenzing momo" means "food of the gods."
   Will OED enter "momo"?


   Marguery was the name of a restaurant in Paris, then later in New York City.  The famous dish was "filet of sole Marguery," and there are several Google hits.  Again, there is no OED entry.

THE RESTAURANTS OF NEW YORK (1925) by George S. Chappell, pg. 100:  ..._filet de sole Marguery_...

WHERE TO EAT IN NEW YORK (1948) by Robert W. Dana, pg. 199:  ...Sole Marguery...

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