Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Sat Apr 14 03:06:39 UTC 2001

There are 46 hits on google, most of them clearly from an AAVE
variety and referring to skin color (light skinded, dark skinded,
etc.), and occasionally dabbling with the sociolinguistic issues,
including this one:
 From the Diamondback, Wednesday, February 19, 1997. An Independent Student
Newspaper-University of Maryland, College Park.

     Over the past few months, the argument over whether or not to teach
Ebonics in the classroom has become a national debate. The advocators of
this system would have you believe that Ebonics is good, Ebonics is fun
and most importantly, Ebonics helps to break down learning barriers.
     The truth of the matter is that Ebonics is bullshit. Just say it
aloud, E-bo-nics. It sounds stupid. As a black person, I'm left asking the
question, just what is it supposed to mean anyway? Ebony phonics?
     Has anyone actually listened to the dialect of Ebonics? If you have,
compare it to the dialect slaves used just 150 years ago. Not much of a
difference is there? There shouldn't be. Both were formed in ignorance,
from ignorance. Words like 'bestest,' 'skinded,' 'sweated,' 'I's' and
'lookted' have no place in the English language, or any language for that

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