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Mary Zeigler's ADS session on AAE addressed this issue. I don't know
if she's on the list, but I'm cc'ing this message to her.   --SL

>Mark Odegard said:
>  >Peter A. McGraw:
>  >>How about "drounded"?
>  >>
>  >>>Benjamin Barrett:
>  >>>Does anyone know the derivation or a rule for skinded (skinned) as
>  >>>in light-skinded?
>  >
>  >For 'drounded', it's analogy:
>  >
>  >sounded, rounded, founded, pounded, astounded, etc.
>  >
>  >I've never heard 'skinded'. It sounds to me something a child might say,
>  >along with 'he dided it' (instead of 'did it'). This too could be analogy,
>  >on winded, minded, etc, but I don't think so.
>As Benjamin noted with the original query, this is common in AAVE. Somebody
>(Sonja Lanehart?) gave a paper on this at the most recent ADS/LSA meeting.
>My folder of handouts and the like is in the lab, so perhaps someone with a
>better memory of the distributional and usage details can post more.
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