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Sat Apr 14 19:17:50 UTC 2001

This seems to be a sort of joke, perhaps, but I don't understand
where the forms are coming from. I don't speak AAVE, but I would
think the past forms would be:

kneel -> kneelt (or kneo?)
bend -> bended (or bendi?)
heal -> healt (or heo?)
raise -> raist
drown -> drownded or drownt (probably the latter)

Brainded looks like it might be a viable parallel to skinded.

The query comes from a good Asian-American friend of mine who code
switches between a standard English and AAVE.

Benjamin Barrett
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I guess if one can talk about how one kneelded at the altar; got
down on
one's bended knees and talked with the Lord, who mended one's broken
healded the sick, raisded up the dead; and caused Pharaoh's army to
drownded in the red sea, then, by extension, one can come to
appreciate light
and dark skinded people and, eventually, left- and right-brainded
ones.    PAT

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