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Fri Aug 3 23:20:46 UTC 2001

   From the NEW YORK POST, 3 August 2001, pg. 30, col. 6:

_On its 3rd_
_"Life," mag_
_returning as _
   Life lives.
   Time Inc., the magazine wing of AOL Time Warner, plans to once again resurrect Life--this time as a "bookazine."
   In the latest incarnation, the company plans to publish eight advertising-free volumes in 2002, each costing $9.99 and dedicated to a special theme.
   The company is calling the new version of Life a "bookazine"--meaning it straddles the boundary between a magazine and a big paperback book.  The company is expected to distribute about 500,000 copies of each edition.  "It is not that we're getting back into the monthly magazine business, but we have an aggressive and energetic bookazine plan," said Robert Sullivan, a senior editor at Time who is editing the new Life.
   There will be no subscriptions; the magazine will live or die on its newsstand sales.

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