Cook Book mystery (1941)

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> _Mrs. Charles Norton Dies;_
> _Writer and Food Expert_
> --------------------------
> _Author of Special Articles;_
>    _Compiled Cook Book_
>    Mrs. Jeannette Young Norton, writer on foods and cookery and widow of
Charles Norton, died yesterday at her home at 621 West 135th Street.
Mrs. Norton, who was born in New Haven, Conn., conducted newspaper columns
and wrote special articles on food and other subjects of interest to women
for many years.
>    She wrote for King Features for many years and also for the old "New
York World."  During the early days of motorized transportation she wrote a
column called "Automobile Fads and Fancies."  During the last war she
compiled a cookbook.  During recent years she had made an exhaustive study
of the cookery in various parts of the world.  She was ready to publish a
book on that native cookery of 157 nations.
> (Where are these books?--ed.)
The native cookery book was probably never published. The wartime cookbook
was titled:  Mrs. Norton's cook-book : selecting, cooking and serving for
the home table. New York and London : G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1917. ix, 634
pages. In numerous libraries. In New York, Cornell, New York Public,
Buffalo & Erie County Public Library, New York Academy of Medicine and the
Queens Borough Public Library have copies.

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