Frederic Cassidy remembered in NY Times Magazine

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Sat Jan 6 11:53:22 UTC 2001

   The New York Times Magazine theme issue this week (Sunday, January 7th) is
about people who passed away in the year 2000.  See the article about
Frederic Cassidy at:

   The article is written by Lorrie Moore, "the author, most recently, of
'Birds of America,' a collection of stories."  Lorrie Moore attended the
University of Wisconsin, but states that while Cassidy "was a colleague of
mine, I didn't really know him."
   So why is she writing this rather than your average DARE fieldworker and
ADS member?  Why doesn't some like Donald Lance write this?  Because Lorrie
Moore is "an approved Times writer" and Lance is not?

SAFIRE WATCH (continued)

   One mild reservation about my Wall Street Journal article is that I
"pestered" people about "the Big Apple."  I "pestered" people to do their
   I wanted to find living witnesses.  William Safire and the New York Times
went out of their way not to help me.
   I've been "pestering" Safire for three months now to correct errors in his
column--errors that involve my words.  No one will speak to me.
   Obviously, nothing has changed for me, or will change.
   William Safire's column this week is another winner.  It mentions "don't
sweat the small stuff."  I discussed that phrase right here on ADS-L.
   But you'd never know that, would you?

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