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Tue Jan 9 21:04:43 UTC 2001

Dear Thomas,

for the sake of my thesis on computer-mediated communication in
text-based only environments I investigated non-verbal communication,
among these the body language. the publications I came across are far
from being up-to-date but I might give you some hints on where to
find some more materials on the web. perhaps you could find some more
latest findings in the field there. i am sorry i am not directing you
straight to the body-language pages because i've just gathered the
links to the main sites. you will surely have to dig deeper in the
archives of the sites to find some specifics.
most of the recent publications I am familiar with are in Polish and
thus I guess they would not be of any help to you :-> or am I wrong?

Center for Nonverbal Studies

Exploring Nonverbal Communication

Facial Analysis - links on the web

Nonverbal Communication Research Page

Nonverbal Communication Links

you should also find it interesting that there are some online
journals on nonverbal communication.
when it comes to proxemics specifically i know nothing but some
not-so-recent works by Edward Hall. all of them mentioned were
mentioned by Beverly. you might also have a lok at the following

Hall, E. (1968). Proxemics. Current Anthropology, 9, 83-95, 106-108.

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