Body Language

Thomas Paikeday t.paikeday at SYMPATICO.CA
Sat Jan 13 13:59:08 UTC 2001

Many thanks for all the tips received about the latest on BL. The site was especially charming with titles such as A LANGUAGE
OLDER THAN WORDS by Derrick Jensen (2000). But I have decided to let the
literature be and do some thinking of my own first. At least, I won't be
accused of softcore plagiarism (that's passing off paid-for stuff, as in
some student essays, hardcore being passing off stolen stuff. As in a
recent paper of YT - sorry to go so off-topic).

I am drawing up a scheme or model based on the human anatomy and getting
a naive-informant group to help by running an ad in THE NIAGARA SHOPPING
NEWS (a very unacademic paper as you can see).

A scholarly question if I may and there's no leg-pulling here, just
plain ignorance of elementary grammar: Is the part-of-speech called
interj. verbal or nonverbal? (Please see RHD def. of BL). I appreciate
it is vocal, as in "Ah-choo!" Is that kinesics or proxemics, especially
when the subject sneezes close to the object?

But I will read Edward T. Hall just as I have read Julius Fast's
pioneering work. As if anyone cared!


(_The Native Speaker Is Dead!_, Toronto & New York, 1985; Tokyo
(Maruzen), 1990).

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