English muffins = glazed buns

Jeffrey William McKeough jwm at URSOLARIS.SPDCC.COM
Thu Jan 11 08:39:48 UTC 2001

Rudolph C Troike quotes Ed White:
>This reminds me of a similar conversation I had in England, at a
>pastry shop.  I asked what certain familiar looking items were
>called, to be informed that they were "glazed buns."  "Interesting,"
>I replied; in the US we call them "English muffins." "Really," came
>the cool reply, "How odd.  Since they REALLY ARE glazed buns."  --Ed

I ran this by an English friend, who said that what we call "English
muffins" in America are just called "muffins" in England.  (And in a
nice bit of symmetry, what we call "muffins" she says are called
"American muffins".)

Her take was that the person in the pastry shop knew that "English
muffins" were muffins, and that the pastry in question REALLY WAS a
glazed bun, which is not a muffin, English or American.

Jeffrey William McKeough
jwm at spdcc.com (or spdcc.net)

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