``Native American`` and variations thereof (2)

Herb Stahlke hstahlke at GW.BSU.EDU
Fri Jan 12 03:45:45 UTC 2001

Isn't calling a Koyukon or a Chipweyan an Athabaskan rather like
calling an Englishman or a German an Indo-European?

Herb Stahlke

<<< gogaku at IX.NETCOM.COM  1/11 10:21p >>>
> Behalf Of James A. Landau
> P.S. I do not know why the people called "Eskimo" in the United
States are
> known as "Inuit" in Canada.

I don't call them Eskimos and I live in the United States. I say
Inuit or
Athabaskan or whatever applies.

Benjamin Barrett

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