David Shulman & Steve Brodie research

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Fri Jan 19 03:49:18 UTC 2001

   David Shulman called me today.  He's in Victory Memorial Hospital, (718) 567-1234, Room 564.
   Over a week ago, he had a hard fall on the ice.  Because of the MLK, Jr. holiday, Shulman had a mixup receiving his heart medication, and he felt weak.
   Victory Memorial Hospital in Brooklyn is just awful.  Shulman (about 90 years old) was admitted to the emergency ward.  He waited there on a stretcher for 20 hours!
   I spoke to him just now on the phone, and he seems much stronger than when he phoned my answering machine.  He should be released soon to the St. Nicholas Home, (718) 238-8141.
   Don Foster of Vassar hasn't contacted him or me about (Washington Irving's?) CRIES OF NEW YORK.
   While going through the Western Union stuff, I found two pieces on Steve Brodie--one in DOTS AND DASHES and one in INSIDE WESTERN UNION.  Both stated that Brodie--then a Western Union employee--did make the Brooklyn Bridge jump.  Shulman's research didn't have Western Union.
    Shulman wants to put a plaque up on or near the Brooklyn Bridge for Steve Brodie.  In two weeks, it will be the 100th anniversary of Brodie's death.  Shulman appeared in a Douglas Martin piece in the NY Times and in a NY Post piece about this (see ADS-L archives for cites).  I told him that I'd put up the money for any plaque.
    Shulman also wants the press and possibly the mayor to attend a dedication ceremony.  He told me to call Douglas Martin at the Times, (212) 556-1950.
    I once told Douglas Martin that I was going before the City Council on "the Big Apple."  I mailed him a ton of information.  He never responded.  I don't want to speak to this guy again.
    How can I tell David Shulman that this is New York City--it doesn't care about its history, nor does it care if you're alive or dead?

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