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> "Corrupted"? I agree. But I suspect that the replacement of "philosopher"
> with "sorcerer" was unrelated to the degree of erudition of the editors.
> If all of the editorial staff agreed that "philosopher" was clearly
> correct, for example, but a marketing survey showed that an additional
> 100,000 copies probably would be sold if the word "sorcerer" appeared in
> the title, what would have been the chosen title? If I had been the
> author (not a wealthy person until recently AFAIK), I might have approved
> this
> corrupt/cynical title change. Was the change made throughout the text? If
> so, that's somewhat another story.

Yes, it was made throughout the text, and that's why they have to film two
versions of every scene where the philosopher's/sorcerer's stone is


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