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Fri Jan 19 20:28:27 UTC 2001

It was said:

>In France tangerines are sold as clementines - loose
>skin, seedless, and delicious.

In my experience, those are two different entities. Last weekend I had
seedless clementines - they were radically different from any tangerines I
have ever eaten.

As a grower of both mandarins and tangerines in the home garden I can tell you there are major differences in the varieties.
I grow 3: mandarins that are small with seeds and loose, thin rind; tangerines that are like large oranges with a thin, very
loose skin and seedless; tangerines with thick puffy loose skin and occasional seeds. They all ripen in December in Southern
CA. In our markets are two entirely different fruits, "blood tangerines" (bigger than blood oranges) and "tangerines" that
are large, thin smooth skinned, and seedless but a much darker orange color.

Sharyn storknurse

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