Quiche Lorraine, etc.

Kim & Rima McKinzey rkm at SLIP.NET
Fri Jan 19 22:48:43 UTC 2001

>It was said:
>>In France tangerines are sold as clementines - loose
>>skin, seedless, and delicious.
>In my experience, those are two different entities. Last weekend I had
>seedless clementines - they were radically different from any tangerines I
>have ever eaten.

In my experience as well (and I was just going to write that when I
read this last posting).  I had "clementinos" for the first time in
Israel in 1961 - and they were unheard of when I returned to the
States.  Tangerines were common, however.  Still all clearly in the
same family, but maybe different in the way mandarin oranges are
different from naval oranges are different from Valencia oranges, et


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