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Sat Jan 20 03:36:47 UTC 2001

My brother-in-law, age about 60, who has lived all his life in central
Saskatchewan, Canada uses this, at least for the "extended-period" meaning.
I'm not sure about the "one-time occurrence" use.  I remember noticing his
usage quite a few years ago, because it surprised me; I hadn't known it
before as typical in Saskatchewan.


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On January 18, 2001, 8:32 a.m., Michael Montgomery wrote:
> Dear ADS-Listers:
> I am working on a paper on the subordinate conjunction _whenever_
> and dealing with sentences like the following that feature
> unconventional uses of the word:
>   For a one-time occurrence in the past:
>   Whenever his Daddy died, he took over the farm. (Arkansas
>   For an extended-period in the past:
>   Whenever I was growing up, we didn't talk the same way at school
> as we did at home. (Tennessee)

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