Trash vs garbage

storkrn storkrn at EMAIL.MSN.COM
Mon Jan 22 22:51:57 UTC 2001

Growing up in Connecticut in the 50's and 60's I had the distinction I've seen others mention here of trash = burnable waste
(which we burned in the kerosene stove or outdoors in a trash can) and garbage = food waste placed in a metal can to be
picked up by the "garbage man".

Here in So. CA we are charged for "trash disposal" which we put in a "trash can" which is emptied weekly by the "waste
disposal company". This "trash" consists of anything we don't care to keep. When I have too much unwanted trash I go to the
store and buy "trash bags" which have a picture on the box showing them used for leaves and grass clippings, but "green
waste", which may not include paper, plastic, or food, must be placed in a "green waste container" to be picked up.

BTW, kids here "trash" each other verbally but a reply by the trashee would be to call the person a "garbage mouth".

Sharyn Hay, RNC, MSN (storknurse)

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