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davemarc davemarc at PANIX.COM
Fri Jan 26 14:39:25 UTC 2001

From: Barnhart <barnhart at HIGHLANDS.COM>
> Waitron is an entry in the Dictionary Companion (Vol. 4.4, Winter 1985, p
> 152).  The earliest date I had at the time was 1980.
> I agree that the pronunciation that I prefer is with a low back vowel; I
> have never heard examples that would be represented with a schwa, as in
> "Washington."

I'd like to clarify my previous post.  I meant to say (in my layperson way)
that the pronunciation in the lyrics that go something like "I am a
waitron./I live in Washington." is something like
"weigh-TRAHN....washing-TAHN," with a pause before those last syllables.

Now that I've heard the audio file at the site found by Steve K. (thanks!),
I still believe that a pronunciation like "weight-TRAHN" (corresponding to
"washing-TRAHN") can be heard in the refrain.

At least that's my recollection after nearly 20 years. I didn't recall the
word "Washingtron," after all.  And at least group members such as Diana
Quinn seem available.


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