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Grant Barrett gbarrett at MONICKELS.COM
Sat Jan 27 14:54:16 UTC 2001

On vendredi 26 janvier 2001 23:47, Sonja L. Lanehart <lanehart at ARCHES.UGA.EDU>
>In discussing phonetics and morphology in my Introduction to English
>Language class yesterday, at least 2 U.S. born and raised students
>said their pronunciation of 'schedule' is with 'sh' and not 'sk'. I
>was a bit skeptical since we were playing a game and their phonemic
>transcriptions were important to winning the prize. Still, they stood
>by their claim and none of the other students objected to their
>claims. In fact, they seemed to actually have some level of support
>from their classmates--even the ones on competing teams.

I don't know about schedule, but scheme for me was always skeem until probably
around age 13. One of those words, like many, that I'd read but never, for whatever
reason, heard aloud. That one seemed like such a sure thing, not that I've never been known
to look a word up in the dictionary for pronunciation (ducking flying volumes).

Grant Barrett
New York loves you back.

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