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Sat Jan 27 14:59:51 UTC 2001

On samedi 27 janvier 2001 15:54, Grant Barrett <gbarrett at MONICKELS.COM> wrote:
>On vendredi 26 janvier 2001 23:47, Sonja L. Lanehart <lanehart at ARCHES.UGA.EDU>
>>In discussing phonetics and morphology in my Introduction to English
>>Language class yesterday, at least 2 U.S. born and raised students
>>said their pronunciation of 'schedule' is with 'sh' and not 'sk'. I
>>was a bit skeptical since we were playing a game and their phonemic
>>transcriptions were important to winning the prize. Still, they stood
>>by their claim and none of the other students objected to their
>>claims. In fact, they seemed to actually have some level of support
>>from their classmates--even the ones on competing teams.
>I don't know about schedule, but scheme for me was always skeem until probably
>around age 13. One of those words, like many, that I'd read but never, for whatever
>reason, heard aloud. That one seemed like such a sure thing, not that I've never
been known
>to look a word up in the dictionary for pronunciation (ducking
>flying volumes).

No, that's wrong: it was sheem until age 13. Aargh.

Grant Barrett
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