query--dictionaries and heterosexism

RonButters at AOL.COM RonButters at AOL.COM
Tue Jan 30 20:25:28 UTC 2001

A query from someone on another list:

I've  just  finished  reading  'Language  and  Desire', a selection of
essays  edited  by  Keith  Harvey  and  Celia  Shalom and published by
Routledge in 1997.

One  of  the  essays is by Harvey himself: '"Everybody loves a lover":
gay  men, straight men, and a problem of lexical choice'. It discusses
and  contrasts  the  terms  gay and straight men use to describe their
partners/SOs/boyfriends, etc.

I  was  struck  by  Harvey's  statement  that  "unsurprisingly,  in no
dictionary  that  I  have consulted does a gay example occur under the
headwords 'boyfriend', 'girlfriend', 'lover', 'partner', etc.".

Is that still the case?

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